The very beginning!

I was a founding member in 1971. The entire story and a selection of photographs appear on this webpage: Let me know if you would like to see the entire collection. The page I've submitted was put together by Mari Eliza a long time ago, But since I haven't found any of my images on your site, I though I'd let you know about something special you are missing. Thanks for your consideration. Marino Colmano

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Project Artaud 1971-1972

I remember visiting Project Artaud several times in 1971-72. I was part of a small group of friends/dancers and we would generally come by after dance class around the corner at Margaret Jenkins dance studio. I remember doing some improvisational pieces but we must have kept our shoes on because the floor was unfinished, lots of splinters! It was a wonderful cavernous space. So filled with possibility and energy. I remember the house being built in one section. Everything was just so huge and raw. Anything was possible. Such a creative and magical period of time and we were all so young.

Project Artaud 1971

I visited Project Artaud a few times with my buddy Pete in the fall of 1971. We were budding Architects involved with Project One at 10th & Howard and were using you folks as a template.

First Family

My father, Jim Griffin & mother, Joan Griffin were the first live in tenants in Project Artaud. My brother, Jason was the first person to sleep overnite as a resident. My parents lease the infirmary in the Crib Wing. At the time I was living at Project One on the corner 10th & Howard St as an Urban Guerilla. I took residency January 1972. While I was there I slept on the Roof, In the warehouse crane(not easy), the hose building school house on the second floor and was in general anyplace and every place there for the nest 2 years. Living in Artaud at that time was an amazing experience. All kinds of peoples. And many of the residents were artists only in their ability to convince others they were. I would be curios to know if there are still any of the original residents still part of the effort there.
Bom Shiva!