Theatre of Yugen

Founded in 1978, Theatre of Yugen is an experimental ensemble dedicated to the pursuit of the intangible essence called yugen through its exploration of dramatic and literary classics and the crafting of new works of world theater. Our investigation stems from a discipline of Japanese theatrical aesthetics - primarily the classical forms of Noh drama and Kyogen comedy. Through training, creating, presenting, collaborating and performing we aim to foster intercultural understanding and keep theatrical discipline vital.  Yu - deep, quiet, other worldly gen - subtle, profound, dark

Theatre of Yugen created Nohspace at the Project Artaud in 1992, an intimate theater recognized as a forefront of experimental dance and theater.

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I am a Man from this area

I loved the performance! This is my first time at Theatre of Yugen. I found out the info on the Project Artaud website. Can't wait for the next show.